Sprout Maternity’s Story

Sprout Maternity was founded in Australia in 2016 by a Mum to provide pregnant women with stylish, comfortable and affordable maternity wear that is sourced in the most ethical way possible. 

Ethical and Sustainable Maternity & Nursing Wear

In an age where ethical has almost become a cliche, what does this mean? Well for us, it means no exploitation of humans or the environment. It means maternity wear made in places around the world where your purchase improves the lives of people involved. It means sourcing from companies who value sustainable businesses and not just profits.

Ethical and Sustainable Maternity Wear Suppliers

In our search for these suppliers we have looked far and wide to bring a range of nursing and maternity wear to Australia that we are proud to call our own, and proud to claim as ethical. Interested? Why not have a look around?

Everything of the best for your Journey!

Our Partners in Maternity Wear

Me-a-Mama is a maternity and nursing brand run by women for women. Proudly designed, styled and created in South Africa, their team is made up of a network of empowered and energetic mums.

Their unique style is informed by what pregnant women really want (to look fantastic) and by what they really need (clothes that help make pregnancy and motherhood effortless). Its fashion engineered for pregnancy.

Me-a-Mama feeds about 64 mouths on a normal day. They support charities assisting HIV orphans, abandoned or abused pregnant mothers, as well as local street children. They all love what they do and, in their own words “We are team that has created – what might just seem like ‘an item of clothing’, but to us – it’s a creation that’s been touched by our gentle hands and a garment that has supported our families and our community. Thank you for buying Me-a-Mama and being part of our greater family.”

Sprout maternity supplier sewing maternity wear

Every process in the making of a Shakti Shanti garment is as nature intended, without any desire to exploit, but rather to utilize, create, preserve and grow their precious home land, people and mother earth in general. Everything about Shakti Shanti is based on yogic principles, some of these include:

Respect and Non-violence (Ahimsa)  – We respect the integrity of all people and the environment with whom we are connected and act with care towards them. We are thus, as much as possible, environmentally friendly and make use of materials which come naturally from the earth.

‘Right use of energy’ (Bramacharya) – We bring care and wisdom to our conduct and avoid all forms of exploitation. We do not make use of sweat shops or child labour, everyone involved in the processes of making a Shakti Shanti garment is well remunerated and has quality time to spend with their family.

Non-greed and non-attachment (Aparigraha) – We use our yogic knowledge and skills for the benefit of all people with whom we are connected, and not to gain unfair personal advantage. Although our quality is exceptional, we do not mark up the garments according to regular industry standards. We want to remain affordable to the general public. In fact we want every link along the way to be benefitting from the range, the end user as they have a high quality affordable product.