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Sprout Maternity is your one-stop store that sources ethically made maternity and breastfeeding clothes. We have looked far and wide to bring a range of nursing and maternity wear that we are proud of, and proud to claim as ethical, in which your purchase improves the lives of people involved. South Africa, Turkey and China are some of the countries we source from.

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I was skeptical with spending money on maternity wear, but I don’t regret it as the comfort has been so worth it and better yet not having to sacrifice my style during pregnancy! Also thank you for your excellent customer service and fast delivery, I will be recommending Sprout to my friends 🙂

Samantha D.

I wish I had bought my dresses during my pregnancy and not only at postpartum. They fit well and true to size and have been great for breastfeeding my little one.

Caroline S.

Thank you very much! I appreciate your ethos and making it easier to find ethical and sustainable maternity clothing in Australia.

Timna L.

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sprout maternity clothing

Sprout Maternity is an Australian online maternity clothes store that was founded to provide pregnant women with a premium source of stylish, comfortable and affordable maternity clothes, sourced ethically.

Ethical and Sustainable Maternity Wear

In an age where ethical has almost become a cliche, what does this mean? Well for us, it means no exploitation of humans or the environment. It means maternity clothes made in places around the world where your purchase improves the lives of people involved. It means an online maternity clothes store with products sourced from companies who value sustainable businesses and not just profits.