Yummy Maternity Bamboo Nursing Bra $64.99
Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Bra "THIS IS TRULY THE MOST COMFORTABLE NURSING BRA I HAVE EVER WORN. SEAMLESS, STRETCHY AND SUPER SOFT!" BRA – VO! The one and only nursing bra you will need for maternity and nursing. Our Bamboo Nursing Bra is perfect for transitional fits – comfy enough for sensitive pregnant boobs and supportive enough for nursing.  Easy one-handed drop cup with side strap to keep the rest of the nursing bra in place. Deep V shape in front so you can still wear low cut shirts and look and feel amazing! Moisture-wicking to help with absorption and evaporation of milk spills. Removable light foam pads. Suitable for use with breast pump. Brand: Yummy Maternity
Bare-Mum Postpartum Bralette $42.99
Postpartum Reversible Bralette Soft, stretchy, and supportive our patented Postpartum Bralette is uniquely designed to comfortably hold a hot & cold pack and bring soothing relief to sore breasts. Designed to be worn with our Warm and Cool Inserts. Slide the inserts into the bra’s inner openings and place them securely over the affected area.  Why You'll Love It • Reversible pocket design to securely and discretely hold a hot & cold pack • Cross-over design to allow easy access for breastfeeding • Supportive & stretchy, moves with your body as it changes • Highly breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you dry • Buttery soft and comfortable • Midwife & Lactation Consultant Approved • Designed in Australia Suitable For Changing bodies during the pregnancy and postpartum period. Ideal for daytime and overnight wear.  Fit Guide Tess is 6 months pregnant and wearing a Small bralette. Tamera is 4 weeks postpartum and wearing a Medium bralette. Kristen is 16 weeks postpartum and wearing a Large bralette. Brand: Bare-Mum
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